Watercolor Ohio 2016
Riffe Gallery, 77 S High St, Columbus, October 27, 2016–January 7, 2017

Frederick C Graff (OWS)
Codding Hill
22.5” x 32”

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Charles Rowland (OWS)
In the Port of Marseille
29” x 21”

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Carol Griffith (Nonmember)
Bad Science 5
30” x 30”

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Additional Award Winners in Watercolor Ohio 2015

Johnson Investment Counsel Award

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Ted Vassar (OWS)
Seismic Fault Line
24” x 34”

Cheap Joes Award

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Karen Becker Benedetti (OWS)
21” x 30”

Dick Blick Award

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Ted Lawson (OWS)
Rush Hour III
20” x 30”

Fredric Art Canvas Co. Award

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Leonard Williams (OWS)
Boulder River Sunset
18” x 20”

M. Graham Paint Co. Award

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Christopher Leeper (OWS)
Trail Shadows
30” x 22”

Ron Rollins Memorial Award

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David Ruckman (OWS)
Algoma Steel House
29.5” x 21.5”

American Frame Co. Award

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Mel Grunau (OWS)
Fantasy Still Life No. 1
21.5” x 29.5”

Doug Pasek Memorial Award

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Kathryn Dailey (OWS)
Looking Up
22” x 22”

Holbein Paint Co. Award

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Joan Rothel (OWS)
Up and Up and Up
29” x 22”

Plaza Art Inc. Award

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Susan Lyden (OWS)
Seattle Blooms
22” x 30”

Dr. Henry FiorittoAward

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Billie Richards (OWS)
Earth Song Quilt #7
41” x 19”

Carson Paper Award

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Carolyn Ross Hibbard (OWS)
Savannah Blues
22” x 15”

Winsor and Newton Award

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Thomas Sorrell (OWS)
Cliffside Edifice
25” x 18.5”

Jack Richeson and Co. Inc. Award

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Thomas Mayer (OWS)
Alice in Central Park
29” x 21”

Jack Richeson and Co. Inc. Award

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Fran Mangino (OWS)
Silly Upside Down Girls
21” x 29”

Jack Richeson and Co. Inc. Award

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Sharon Stolzenberger (OWS)
Dancing Surf
20” x 30”

Jerry’s Artarama and
OWS Choice Award

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Suzanne R. Accetta (OWS)
Tarnished Rejection
25” x 19”

Leach, Fenker Memorial Award

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Carol J Stevens (OWS)
Cosmic Rhythm
22” x 22”

United Art and Education
and OWS Choice Award

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Cody Heichel (OWS)
The Westin, Columbus
30” x 22”

F & W Publications
and OWS Choice Award

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Jan Holladay Scheuber (OWS)
Girl in a White Dress
22” x 15”

United Art and Education
and OWS Choice Award

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Elizabeth Martin (OWS)
30” x 22”

F & W Publications
and OWS Choice Award

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Thomas Schroeder (OWS)
Where's Your Child?
20” x 20”

Juror’s Statement
Carrie Burns Brown, NWS

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The Ohio Watercolor Society exhibition is a unique blend of exciting color and interesting imagery. The exhibition represents a broad interpretation of watermedia, which allowed the artists expansive creative freedom, stretching beyond the boundaries of the academic approach.

As a juror, the process is never easy. Difficult decisions have to be made. I viewed the 263 images many times over several days. I was looking for something that surprised me on an emotional level, a uniqueness of spirit combined with dynamic design and expressive content. I respond to work where the artist went beyond ordinary solutions to express their intent.

Congratulations to all the artists selected for this exhibition. I encourage the artists whose works were not included to continue entering shows. This is a very good barometer to help you evaluate your skills and creativity.

Special thanks of the OWS board, exhibition committee and the many volunteers whose organized efforts helped make the jurying process easier and the show stunning.

It has been a great privilege and honor to jury the Ohio Watercolor Society 2016 exhibition. I wish the society and artists continued success and growth for the future.

Accepted Works

Suzanne R. Accetta
Bess Alexander
Judy Anderson
Li Baker
Karen Becker Benedetti
Gary Brooks
Jim Brower
Carolee Brown
Robert Bruce
Lisa A Bumb
Angela Chang
Martin Chappuies
Linda Coe
Brenda Myers Cohen
Ken Coon
Jeffrey Core
Bernadette D'Ettorre
Kathryn Dailey
Eva M Ellis
Sally Emslie
Dee Fagedes
Elizabeth Ford
Donald J Getz
Connie Gifford
Frederick C Graff
Carol Griffith
Mel Grunau
Yuki Hall
Heidi Hanssen
Shirley Harbaugh
Cody Heichel
Sara S (Sally) Heston
Carolyn Ross Hibbard
Diana Hoke
Pimei Huang
Allen Hutton
Gary Johnston
Sara F Kass
Susan Kiedio
George Kocar

Phyllis Lawicki
Ted Lawson
Christopher Leeper
James Lefebvre
Raymond Lillback
Susan Lokar
Susan Lyden
Fran Mangino
Elizabeth Martin
Karen Martin
Thomas Mayer
Katie Mcmichael
Patricia Meyer
Ann Miller
Ronald Mlicki
Robert Moyer
Mary Jane Noe
Nancy Notarianni
Gail Peters
Jeri Ellis Platt
Jeny Reynolds
Billie Richards
Joan Rothel
Charles Rowland
David Ruckman
Jan Holladay Scheuber
Susie Schreiber
Thomas Schroeder
Thomas Sorrell
Jeff Stahler
Carol J Stevens
Sharon Stolzenberger
Richard Surowicz
Lavonne Suwalski
Peggy Trimble
Jean Vance
Ted Vassar
Deborah Ward
Leonard Williams
Mary Williams

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